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Zen Memory Foam Mattress

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  4.9 Ratings & 18 Reviews
  • Multiple adaptive foam layers provide cushioning effect for enhanced comfort.
  • Better Air Flow.
  • Zero Partner Disturbance.
  • Body Hugging Memory Foam.
  • Body Heat Control.
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Trial Period of 120 Nights
Doorstep Delivery
15 Years Warranty
Superior Quality Foam
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Memory Foam Mattress Price

Body Hugging Memory Foam
Memory Foam Mattress Price
Zero Partner Disturbance
Memory Foam Mattress Top
Feel: Soft
Best Memory Foam Mattress
Direct From Manufacturer
Memory Foam Mattress Online
Washable Cover
Memory Foam Mattress Top
Anti-microbial Fabric

Your beauty sleep is mattress deep
Orthopedic Mattress Queen Size
Sound sleep Engineered with German Technology
We often feel tired and restless when we get p after a full night’s sleep. The reason for this could be due to the wrong mattress. The experts suggest that every person’s sleeping posture and need is different. And therefore, it is important to choose the right mattress, suiting best for your needs. Mattresses manufactured at UrbanBed, using high-grade German technology are one of the best mattresses. With the aim of providing complete comfort, while taking care of your sleeping needs and good health, we tirelessly work towards engineering mattresses that are best for you. UrbanBed mattresses are neither too hard nor too soft, providing the right comfort and support required for your spine and body. The breathability feature of the mattress keeps a check and balances your body temperature while sleeping. We make sure that your UrbanBed mattresses are of superior quality mattress that gives you a blissful sleep so that you get up feeling fresh and energised.
UrbanBed's Zen Memory Foam Mattress was designed with the Zen philosophy in mind, concentrating solely on one discipline: providing pleasant sleep. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, according to researchers, is a significant cause of poor sleep quality and, as a result, the inability to wake up feeling refreshed. The Zen Memory Foam Mattress is made of high-resilient foam, a body-hugging memory foam that also acts as a pressure relief system. Its soft and anti-microbial fabric enhances the sleeping experience of its user. It is basically the best Memory Foam Mattress out there. The fact which makes it this affordable is that it directly comes from the manufacturer.  After you purchase this Memory Foam Mattress online from our website, we offer you a trial period of 120 nights along with 15 years of warranty. We also deliver it to your doorstep free of cost.
About The Memory Foam Mattress
Zen memory foam mattress offered by UrbanBed is one of the best memory foam mattress available online with 4.9 star customer ratings. This memory foam mattress online offers some incredible features that include better air flow, body hugging memory foam, body heat control, anti-microbial fabric, soft feel, washable cover, direct from manufacturer, and zero partner disturbance. Zen memory foam mattress price is comparatively cheaper than its online competitors. You can choose your required size category between Single, Diwan, Queen, and King. Customizable size option is also available for the Zen memory foam mattress with the thickness options of 6 inches and 8 inches to choose from. The memory foam mattress price varies with the size option you choose. Some incredible service options are also available for Zen memory foam mattress including a 120 days trial period, doorstep delivery, best-in-class quality foam, and a 15-year warranty. A wide range of memory foam mattress top is also available of different sizes that you can choose along with your mattress. The memory foam mattress top is priced according to the size you are opting for. The mattress is designed with multiple layers of foam and fabric material that allows pressure distribution along your lower back and pelvic. These features add on to the superior quality mattresses, giving you the peaceful sleep that ends up to a fresh morning.

Buy Memory Foam Mattress Online

Picking furniture for your room is a significant choice. Your room is your hideout, your asylum. This implies that everything within it ought to be agreeable, wonderful and useful to you. Generally significant of everything is the choice of your bed and the mattress that goes on top of it. The most common way of choosing a mattress is key while outfitting the room. Yet, how do you have at least some idea of which mattress is appropriate for you? How do you ensure that when you buy memory foam mattress online, you are truly getting the best out of it? You'll find out as you read this write-up.

You should think about your necessities, your accomplice's requirements, and your financial plan. In the event that you need a quality mattress, you ought to be ready to pay somewhat more cash. It goes without saying that it tends to be hard to choose a decent mattress type that works for you. Memory foam is a typical kind of mattress that individuals use. Be that as it may, a great deal of the time individuals doesn't completely figure out the benefits and detriments of this kind of foam. You'll save your mattress for quite a while, so it is critical that the different benefits and hindrances are thought of. In fact, a queen memory foam mattress is a worthy purchase.

What exactly is memory foam?

The fundamental kind is made out of a polymer as polyurethane. This is a material that is normally found in many couches, mattresses, vehicle seats, and splash foam. Memory foam is a truly solid sort of material in the event that it has a sufficiently high thickness and is likewise known for offering great help and magnificent tension help. When it comes to a single memory foam mattress or a full size memory foam mattress, they, for the most part, have a more drawn out life expectancy than spring mattresses. Moreover, they even come with the best memory foam mattress topper.

Different types of memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress comes in three different variants: traditional, open cell, and gel-infused. It is worth noting that a memory mattress foam topper complements the product. Each of these has its own pros and cons, so let’s check out these variants:


Traditional memory foam is what we've been referring to all this while. It accommodates a decent rest insight by embellishment to your body. Perhaps the greatest objection, which we'll go over in a later segment, is the reality that it tends to hold body heat, making it self-conscious to snooze at high temperatures. The other two kinds of memory foam were made to determine this issue

Open Cell

Open cell memory foam is your fundamental memory foam with an alternate inner design. Open cell memory foam takes into consideration a superior development of air inside the mattress, permitting it to all the more likely exchange heat away from your body as you're deep in slumber.


Gel memory foam, or gel-infused memory foam, is memory foam that has been siphoned brimming with gel, which likewise has two unique sorts. The first is a sort of material that simply ingests heat. Consider this like an ice pack you could keep in your cooler. The other sort really is known as a stage-evolving material. What this stuff does is assist with controlling your temperature as you rest by retaining and delivering heat.

To sum up:

Memory foam filling

Primary benefit(s)

Open cell

High breathability and comfort, easier to maintain.


Absorption of heat to keep you cool and comfortable. Good firmness.

It is worth noting that the gel microbeads utilized in gel-infused memory foam can really build the thickness of your mattress. They can likewise make it reduce in quality quicker on the off chance that there aren't enough microbeads located within the mattress.

To buy memory foam mattress online and get the best resting experience for you, ensure you know what kind of foam you're getting!

Benefits of a memory foam mattress

Certain individuals have claimed that these sorts of mattresses are the reason behind them beginning to sleep soundly in the nights like they haven't done before. In any case, is this valid? Generally, it is extremely challenging to gauge since rest is so abstract. It differs for everyone, so it is difficult to decide what a 'decent rest' resembles. Nonetheless, there are a few vital advantages to memory foam that make it such a sought-after mattress to buy online. Let's check them out!

Provides pain relief


An extraordinary aspect of memory foam is that it is extremely useful when it comes to easing the pain on pressure spots. On the off chance that you have arthritis or joint pain, these mattresses are great for you. It provides ample support to your body and brings you the pain relief you need. A firm memory foam mattress topper double would also contribute towards pain relief.

Most mattresses utilize just a padding or a delicate top layer of some kind, tend to start wearing out after some time, which results in the inner springs to begin making an impression. Not to mention, these springs can act as tension points on the bed, causing you discomfort.

Memory foam is a welcome respite to this aspect. Memory foam mattresses, in general, do not include springs. However, in hybrid mattresses that have both, the foam fills in as an appreciably good padding between the two. This is excellent for any individual who experiences something like back pain.

Ideal for people with allergies


Another advantage is that adaptive padding can be hypoallergenic. It has an extremely thick construction, which is great for decreasing the number of allergens that can develop. Residue, form, and different allergens can not track down a way into your sleeping pad. This is extremely useful for individuals who have sensitivities, as they are frequently kept from getting a decent night's rest.


Memory foam mattresses are some of the most popular mattresses in the market. These mattresses are renowned for their supreme comfort and the ability to dampen your pressure points. The various layers of the memory foam mattress help you sink in and enjoy a good night's sleep. So a firm memory foam mattress is ideal for you! As such, it may not be good enough for people on the heavier side. You can even go for a queen memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is an excellent option for getting relief from body pain and feeling more active, ultimately resulting in good overall health and well-being. Their role in reducing the magnitude of pressure on your joints while you sleep goes a long way in ensuring the relief you need.

Searching for "memory foam mattress near me"? You can get good support akin to a medium-firm mattress by buying a memory foam mattress. Do note that a memory foam mattress is a relatively expensive product, but you can rest assured that they are worth the investment. We assure you the cheapest memory foam mattress price.

Some FAQs

Q: Do UrbanBed mattresses have a break-in period? OR How long does it take to get a comfortable sleeping experience on UrbanBed mattresses?

A: Yes. Like every other new product, you’ll need some time to get used to the new mattress. We suggest you should give the mattress at least 5-7 days to get used to it.

Q: Is it normal for a new UrbanBed mattress to smell of chemicals?

A: No. We use water based glue, hence there is no smell of chemicals in our mattresses. However, as it is a freshly manufactured product, packed almost instantly as it is produced, there may be minor smell coming from the packaging, which will dissipate in just a few hours.

Q: Can I fold the UrbanBed mattress?

A: Yes, but only for transporting it from one place to another. The mattress should not be kept folded for a long period.

Q: How do I care for my UrbanBed mattress?

A: We suggest the following to increase the longevity of the mattresses:

  • Air your mattress - Allow the body’s moisture to evaporate out.

Maintain the neatness of your mattress

  • Vacuum clean the mattress and base from time to time to remove this dust

Q: Does the bed base make a difference?

A: Yes. We recommend you to use a bed base that is solid and firm. The foundation of good sleep is the combination of a comfortable bed and the right mattress which can mean the difference between a restorative night’s sleep and poor-quality sleep

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