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UrbanBed is an Indian label that was conceived to satisfy the need for sleep solutions aligning with the desire to lead a fitter and healthier life. The brand was co-founded by Rajiv and Ayesha. UrbanBed is among the best places to buy mattress online India. They provide the best bed mattress online at affordable rates. Along with mattresses, they provide a wide variety of accessories including pillow, pet bed, knee pillow, wedge cushion, Thai cushion, hexagonal pouf, profile mattress topper, etc. The bed mattress online provided by UrbanBed is engineered with High-grade German technology. A safe and all-natural water-based adhesive is used to glue the foams. The breathability of the foam keeps your body cool while sleeping. The foam in these mattresses acts as a stress and pressure reliever. These mattresses online are resilient, safe, comfortable, and durable than other cheap mattresses online. UrbanBed also offers some incredible facilities that include free doorstep delivery, up to 15 years warranty on mattresses, and a trial period of 120 days. To the people who want to buy mattress online, UrbanBed features some superior quality mattresses online. These mattresses are neither too soft nor too hard, providing a peaceful and restful sleep to the user. The brand has prioritized the need to sell superior quality mattresses and have chosen to create a simplified experience of buying mattress online India.

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Buying a mattress online is always a long time investment. But how long should you use a mattress? A mattress should be replaced with a new mattress every 6-8 years, under normal conditions. It is important to invest in a good quality mattress and replace it in time according to expert guidelines. Also, it is important to change your mattress in case one or more of the following apply:

  • If the mattress is negatively affecting your sleep.
  • Making more noise than usual.
  • Noticeably damaged or saggy in particular areas.
  • A noticeable increase in allergies or asthma.
  • If you wake up with joint or muscle stiffness, regularly.
  • Not helping you get a restful sleep.

You can choose the best mattress online for you according to your sleeping pattern. If you are a side sleeper, maximum pressure is applied to your shoulders and hips. Therefore, you should go for a medium soft to medium firm mattress which will cushion your body and relieve the pressure from impact points. If you are a stomach sleeper, opting for a too soft mattress will sink you into it and leave you with stiffness and pain in the morning. So opting for foam or firm hybrid mattresses will be the best choice for you. Lastly, if you are a back sleeper, firmer foam or hybrid mattress will keep your spine aligned and will be the best choice for you.

If you want to buy a good mattress online or offline in India, the best time is probably from late winter to early spring. The month of March or April is considered the best time of the year to buy mattresses as new mattress models reach up online and offline stores within this period. Because of the new arrivals, shoppers can save some money and opt for a floor sample or an older model directly from the showroom at lower prices. According to mattress manufacturers, up to 50% of the price can be saved on floor samples and older models. Apart from this, holidays and weekends are also a prime time to shop mattresses on good deals throughout the year.

Picking up the right size of the mattress is a factor of utmost importance before buying a mattress online. King-sized mattress is the largest standard mattress size available and used worldwide with a measurement of 76” x 80”. They are suitable for couples who are looking for extra comfort or extra room for children and pets. For ensuring a comfortable fit, it is recommended to measure the room floor or bed size before purchasing a King sized mattress. The non-standard largest mattress size available is the Alaskan king bed with measurements 108” x 108”. Apart from this, the Texas king and the Wyoming king mattresses are also available that are larger than King sized mattresses.

A bed is a place where people spend more of their time than any other piece of furniture. That is the reason why the selection of an appropriate mattress is of vital importance. The top 11 points that you need to consider before buying a mattress online are mentioned below.

  1. Find the correct size.
  2. Focus mainly on comfort.
  3. Test the mattress.
  4. Check on the firmness according to your need.
  5. Don’t choose the one that is best for everyone.
  6. Decide and stick to a budget.
  7. Waterbeds are not suitable for everyone.
  8. Opt for brands with value.
  9. Look out for a good warranty.
  10. Never rush.
  11. Consider all options.

While buying a mattress online, choosing the right size is the key aspect. The major difference between queen size and king size is the difference in dimensions. The queen size mattress comes with a width of 60 inches (5 feet) and a length of 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches). Whereas, the king size mattress comes with a width of 76 inches (6 feet 4 inches) and a length of 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches). Both these mattresses have identical lengths of 80 inches, which provides enough leg space for tall individuals, but are identical in widths. Both these sizes have enough space to accommodate two people and most customers end up choosing either of these two.

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