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Features/Benefits - Correct your posture as you sit for strenuous hours at your desk in offices, or work at home. Easy to use, you can simply tuck it between or under your knees, thighs, calves, heel or foot to relieve pain and stress from pressure areas. Also, flip it over and watch the anti skid material at the back rock your feet blues away.

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The Foot Rest by UrbanBed is a multi-use product which helps prevent blood clots, relieve pressure on the lower back, decrease swelling in the feet and correct posture. It is a must have for all, designed to encourage proper movement of the legs, ensure a better and constant blood flow, and provide comfort at all times of use. The product features an anti-skid bottom that helps in maintaining the posture and even unnecessary fidgeting. Its multi-angle feature helps in adjusting the feet according to one’s own convenience. The premium quality hard foam keeps it steady and intact. Order one now and use it while working, sitting, and even gaming to provide your legs the comfort they deserve.
Foot Rest With this high-quality foot rest pillow, you'll get the finest long-term relaxation and relief. It corrects your posture as you sit for long periods of time at your desk at a workplace or at home. Reduce pressure and increase blood circulation in your feet, legs, hips, and lower back by switching from the hard ground to cushy and ergonomic foot rest. Our foot rest cushion is constructed of 100 per cent quality memory foam that adapts to your unique body shapes, offering optimal arch support and reducing tiredness. Its ergonomic form more efficiently accommodates the curvature of your plantar fascia and whole foot than a traditional foot rest pillow. This desk foot rest has an anti-skid bottom that aids with posture and even prevents needless fidgeting. Its multi-angle function allows users to adjust the feet to their preference. The high-density firm foam ensures that it remains stable and undamaged. Your feet will not fall off the edge or hang over it. Our foot rest cushion cleverly adapts to you by reacting to your body heat while maintaining its shape indefinitely! It's also very tough. It never deforms or flattens even after a lot of usages. UrbanBed Foot rest comes with a well-knitted removable and machine washable cover. It is very simple to use it. To reduce discomfort and tension from pressure regions, just tuck it between or under your knees, thighs, calves, heel, or foot. Order one today and use it to offer your legs the comfort they deserve when working, sitting, or even gaming.
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Benefits of a Foot Rest The importance of feet cannot be overstated. We don't only use them for walking. Every day, we think about them, engage in activities with them, dance, and so on. Though, it's easy to overlook what our feet are doing beneath our desks while our brains are busy providing the creative inspiration that runs from our fingertips into the keyboard. You must not forget your feet and provide them with the comfort they deserve with this footrest from UrbanBed. Here are some reasons why you must consider getting Leg Rest for yourself:- Boosts Blood Circulation - Poor blood circulation affects everyone who sits or lies down for an extended period of time with little or no exercise. Blood clots and varicose veins might result from a lack of adequate exercise or a proper footrest. Keeping your feet raised with a leg rest lowers your chance of developing circulatory problems as a result of inactivity. Improves Posture - It's no secret that sitting for long periods of time can contribute to bad posture. The Memory Foam Foot Rest improves posture significantly, enabling your body to naturally settle into the position it was designed for. This improved posture is especially useful for avoiding varicose veins and reducing lower back discomfort. Comfort - Aside from the various health advantages, foot rest cushions are also quite pleasant! Your feet and legs stay in the right position for all-day comfort with the foot rest under the table. It's a treat to rest your feet on 100 per cent high-quality memory foam, especially if you've been sitting at a desk all day. It's certainly more pleasant than keeping your feet on a cold, hard floor for a long time. Keeps Your Body Active - Another advantage of desk foot rest is that they make it difficult to sit motionless for long durations. When you flip the leg rest on its side, it keeps your feet, ankles, and legs moving slightly while you sit, making it far more effective than a regular foot rest. This active sitting movement won't distract you, and you'll probably miss it, but it will aid with blood circulation and remind you to get up now and then for a full-body alignment reset. Buy Foot Rest Online from UrbanBed now.
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Foot rest review
Nice innovative product. A work from home essential. can be used as a cushion anywhere.
Review by - May 16, 2021
No more leg pain
This footrest has made my leg pain go away so fast. Plus it is so comfortable too
Review by - April 23, 2021