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Why UrbanBed?
Sound Sleep Engineered with German Technology Solutions. Earnestly and proudly Made in India.
We often find ourselves not being able to perform at our peak potential, be it work or household chores. Our research suggests that sleep deprivation due to sleeping on the wrong mattress is a possible cause. Our goal is to work tirelessly towards making mattresses with an exceptional quality so that your sleep and overall health remain uncompromised. UrbanBed mattresses engineered with High-grade German technology are resilient, durable, safe, and comfortable. The foams are glued together with an all-natural and safe water-based adhesive. The breathability feature of the foam keeps your body cool while sleeping. The mattresses are neither too hard nor too soft. These features contribute to superior quality mattresses that give you peaceful sleep so that you wake up feeling fresh.
It’s designed for Optimized Sleep
It isn’t uncommon to wake up feeling you haven’t slept at all. Dragging yourself to work, mentally sleeping during meetings, reduced efficiencies are some of the common symptoms of not getting adequate and healthy sleep. While a bad mattress can contribute to poor sleep quality, UrbanBed mattress can improve it drastically. Why? Because it’s designed for Comfort, Optimized sleep, Improved Sleep Posture, Temperature control, and is Allergy-tested.
It's a match made in UrbanBed: Superior Quality and Jaw-dropping price
The reason why we have kept the price of an UrbanBed mattress jaw-droppingly low is that we genuinely believe that everyone deserves optimal sleep and it should not come at an indecent price. The foam quality we have used in our mattresses is uncompromisingly superior since providing comfort to you is our primary objective. With superior foam quality and flippable construction, an UrbanBed mattress suits a wide range of sleepers.
Count till Three, while we put you to sleep
Have you ever experienced dissatisfaction after a meal at a restaurant where the menu was a hundred pages long? It’s the proverbial Fear of Missing Out. When you choose one thing from among a million, you experience high levels of dissatisfaction for the possibility of having missed out on a “better option.” When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress, there are a lot of mixed signals in the market, but we have cut out the decision fatigue for you by keeping our collection simple, concise and easy to pick from the options. Three is a good company too, you know?
Open Cell Memory Foam
Pure HR Foam
Slow recovery time
(2-3 seconds for other mattresses)
Rebound Test
(45% - 47% Bounce for other mattresses)
Anti—microbial Fabric
Offline Vs Online