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Our Story

UrbanBed is an Indian label co-founded by Rajiv and Ayesha. Rajiv is a second-generation sleep expert from the foam manufacturing business. Ayesha is a lawyer and has burned the midnight oil to understand the relevance of sound sleep in making this world a healthier place. The brand was conceived to fulfil the need for affordable sleep solutions that align with the desire to lead a healthier and fitter life.

The affordability factor gets terribly affected due to overhead costs that come with retail selling. How did we make well rested sleep affordable for everyone?

We decided to take our business model to the unconventional space of online selling.

We performed regular tests on the mattresses to meet the best standards.

We prioritized that we wanted to sell superior quality mattresses.

We chose to create a simplified mattress buying experience for you.

We figured that transparency about the product and its materials is what sets us apart.


We welcome you to the world of UrbanBed, where you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability; where health, hygiene and comfortable sleep is above everything.