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Cleaning Your UrbanBed mattress in 8 Steps

Published: 11th August, 2020

 Mat Cleaning

A study by the National Sleep Foundation suggests having a clean mattress and healthy sleeping environment helps foster better sleep. If you haven't been sleeping comfortably lately, it's probably because of your mattress.

On average, a human body excretes about half a litre of sweat and discards almost a gram of skin which gets absorbed by your mattress. Without a regular cleaning process in place, your mattress can quickly become home to fungal spores, allergens, bacteria, and dust mites that trigger allergies and disrupt your sleep. This means, even if your mattress looks clean, it may be the dirtiest thing in your whole house. Imagine, yourself resting your head there daily!

Next time you have trouble sleeping, it’s probably best to deep clean your mattress. If you don’t know how, read on to find out the 8 simple steps that’ll help you keep your mattress clean and hygienic for a good night sleep.


Regular mattress use without cleaning can cause severe hygiene issues for you and your mattress. Even though the surface of the mattress looks clean, it might be a hub of germs. And this might affect your sleep and overall health. So, thorough cleaning using the right 'deep' cleaning methods is important:

  1. Know the right cleaning supplies
  2. Wash the beddings
  3. Vacuum the mattress
  4. Removing stains
  5. Air your mattress fully
  6. Flip and repeat the process
  7. If baking soda is used, vacuum the mattress thoroughly
  8. Protect your mattress
Cleaning supplies - know the right ones

1.Cleaning supplies - know the right ones

Be it a Zen Memory Foam Mattress or dual comfort mattress, cleaning them is a step-by-step process which requires the person to possess knowledge about the right cleaning supplies. To start with,you need a vacuum cleaner with upholstery arrangements, a light fabric cleaner to remove stains, detergent powder to wash the cover, baking soda, clean clothes and cold water.

2.Wash the beddings

Strip the bed of all the beddings such as the mattress cover, pillow covers, blankets, bedsheet, etc. and put them in the washing machine. Washing the beddings in hot water will remove the dust mites.

3.Vacuum the beddings

Take the vacuum cleaner and vacuum clean the entire surface of the mattress, on both sides. Don’t leave out the sides, the seams and any other part of the mattress where dust might have deposited.

4.Remove stains using fabric cleaner

Once you are done with vacuum cleaning the mattress, it’s time to focus on the stains and spots on the mattress. Remember not to apply water or cleaning solutions directly on the mattress; especially if you are using a memory foam mattress. Memory foam isn’t supposed to get wet. Spot-cleaning is the perfect way to get the spots out of your mattress. Use a light fabric cleaner, stain remover or an enzyme cleaner depending on the type of stain. The goal here is to spot-clean the mattress using minimal products or moisture.

5.Air the mattress or sprinkle baking soda over it

Once the spots have vanished, the next step is to air the mattress. Put the mattress out in the sun, letting the sunlight and air do the rest of the cleansing. If somehow you can’t put the mattress out in the air, spread baking soda over the entire surface of the mattress and leave it for a few hours. The baking soda will break down into acid and absorb any remaining moisture or odor.

6.Vacuum again if you’ve used baking soda

Once the baking soda has done its job, grab the vacuum cleaner again and thoroughly clean the mattress.

Remove stains using fabric cleaner
Flip and repeat the process

7.Flip and repeat the process

Like a coin, even your mattress has two sides. It’s equally important to clean the other side of the mattress to ensure overall cleanliness. So, flip the mattress and repeat the entire cleaning process again.

P.S. Help your Core Dual Support Orthopaedic mattress perform better for you by flipping it every three months. Please don’t try this for Zen Memory Foam mattress.

8.Protect your mattress

Once the mattress is completely clean and dry, put on a mattress protector to keep your mattress safe from spills, dirt, and other unpleasantries (i.e. bed bugs) in the future, and also make cleaning easier the next time.

Your mattress plays a crucial role in helping you sleep peacefully and stay healthy. if you don’t clean it, it won’t be long before it turns into a paradise for dust mites, allergens, fungus and bacteria. So, follow the above shared steps and clean your mattress at least twice a year or more frequently if possible. Though the bedding needs to be cleaned once every week. Keep your mattress hygienic and sleep peacefully for longer.