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sleep over this
Published: 06 Jul, 2022
Folding Bed Online

A foldable mattress is the most convenient portable option for traditional mattresses. In the realm of sleep, this well-designed designer bed is slowly gaining favor. But do you have a little idea what a foldable mattress is or why you should acquire one? Continue reading to learn more about a fo

Published: 06 Jul, 2022
Mattress Cover

Did you know that the typical mattress lasts 6 to 10 years? Mattresses with inner springs and hybrid coils have the shortest lifetime, ranging from six to seven years. Latex and memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Published: 06 Jul, 2022
Mattress Protector

What is a mattress without a good mattress protector? It is like wearing cotton clothes in winter, which will not protect you from the cold waves. The same is the case with a mattress. A mattress without a mattress cover is of no use.

Published: 06 Jul, 2022
Latex Mattress

A latex mattress consolidates latex foam with either springs or reflex foam to make a steady and firm surface. Latex in its natural structure comes from the sap of a rubber tree and its true capacity was found by Dunlopillo in the mid 1900s. Dunlopillo spearheaded the upheaval of

Published: 06 Jul, 2022
Buy Foldable Wedge Pillow

Pain and uneasiness brought about by acid-reflux, sinus pressure, and sleep apnea can all interfere with a decent night's rest. For these and different circumstances, a wedge pillow is frequently suggested. A wedge pillow is utilized for lifting the upper or lower body to help with further improv

Published: 06 Jul, 2022
Buy Footrest Online

It would probably not come as a surprise to you that back pain or injury is one of the most common reasons why people tend to miss work. While injuries typically take around 2 weeks to heal, long-standing and latent back issues may lead to more grave problems down the line. And with Work From Hom

Published: 16 Jun, 2022
The Best Sunrise Alarms to Help You Rise and Shine

Waking up can often be annoying, and more often than not, this annoyance stems from the alarm that you have set on your smartphone or alarm clock. Indeed, the sound of the alarm will wake you up, but it does make you feel grumpy. Not a good way to start your day, right?

Published: 16 Jun, 2022
The holistic Bed size guide for you

Have you considered the significance that bed size plays before selecting the best bed for yourself if you've been bewildered about getting the correct bed for you based on your demands and preferences?

Published: 06 Jun, 2022
Importance of Foot Rest for Work from Home routine

Is a footrest on your mind? If you're not sure, you need one, consult with a professional. When utilised properly, a footrest may improve comfort while also reducing discomfort.

Published: 10 May, 2022
The Significance of a Good Dog Bed

Everyone requires a couch, and it isn't easy to fathom life without one. A comfy dog bed should be included in your dog's necessities, healthy food and thirst-quenching water. A dog bed has a slew of advantages. It's crucial to your dog's long-term happiness and well-being.

Published: 10 May, 2022
Which One Is Better: Latex or Memory Foam?

It's not difficult to make the decision to get a new mattress. How do you tell which option is the best when there are so many? Innerspring mattresses have always been the most common.

Published: 10 May, 2022
Your Ultimate Sheet Guide to the Perfect Thread Count for Sheets

A person spends roughly one-third of their lives in bed, and the bedsheet they choose has a large role in making that third as comfortable as possible. Your fantastic mattress, duvet, and pillows can be ruined if your sheets aren't right. Nowadays, you can buy mattress online from various online

Published: 19 Apr, 2022
5 Benefits of a Good Mattress

A good mattress for sleep is associated with various health benefits and a better quality of life. For example, a good mattress for sleeping helps to promote comfort, correct spinal alignment, reduce stress and anxiety, and sound sleep.

Published: 19 Apr, 2022
10 Annoying Health Side Effects of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

A bad night's sleep can ruin your entire day. From having a throbbing headache, mood swings, and feeling groggy, you know the day will be difficult right as soon as you wake up.

Published: 19 Apr, 2022
7 Mattress Qualities to Consider for a Perfect Night's Sleep

Getting a good mattress for sleep by yourself sounds rather simple, doesn't it? However, purchasing a mattress requires careful consideration of some very important parameters to get the best product for yourself. These parameters go a long way in ensuring your good health and we

Published: 19 Apr, 2022
7 Advantages of Sleeping on an Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress provides relief, support, and comfort to people with these problems who are looking for a good night's sleep. These mattresses are extremely durable, ideal for your spine, and provide ample relief to the lumbar.

Published: 18 Apr, 2022
15 Benefits of a Medium Firm Mattress

A bad mattress can do you more harm than good. Low quality of sleep can not only cause drowsiness and an unproductive day but, in the long term, can cause serious health conditions. This is where a <a href="https:

Published: 13 Apr, 2022
Top 12 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

So you have finally realized that your old mattress isn't doing you any good, and you are now done with being sleep-deprived and cranky all the time.

Published: 24 Mar, 2022
7 Surprising Health Benefits to Getting More Sleep

Several studies have established the numerous health benefits of getting good sleep that lead to a better quality of life and a better you. While most link a lack of sleep to mood swings, drowsiness, or the inability

Published: 16 Sep, 2021
Terrifying Sleeping Disorders That Will Freak You Out

Sleep - the peaceful, relaxing and restorative experience is a daily requirement and a must for all. As discussed in some of our previous blogs, sufficient hours of restorative sleep is essential for everyone to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Why? The body repairs itself as we sleep.

Published: 04 Sep, 2021
Another Creepy Sleeping Disorder - Parasomnia

Not being able to sleep is one problem. And then there is another level of problem that frighteningly disrupts your sleep. If you have swiped the web, reading and researching about all kinds of sleeping disorders, insomnia may seem normal to you.

Published: 21 Aug, 2021
Headaches & Sleep: Here's All You Need to Know

Sleeping enough is an ‘essential’ requirement to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We’ve discussed the “why” time and again in our previous blogs. But to reiterate, when you sleep, your immune system gets started, enabling your body to repair, rejuvenate itsel

Published: 06 Aug, 2021
Sleep & Grief - Dealing with Grief-Induced Insomnia

Losing someone brings in a big change in life, be it someone you love i.e. your parents, siblings, your friends, members of your extended family you were close to, and even colleagues who were important to you. Grieving while remembering the moments you had with the person, thinking about so many

Published: 20 Jul, 2021
We Can Help You Avoid Nightmares!

Think of that moment when you slowly drift into sleep, your eyelids flutter and finally shut down, and the wall between reality and dreams disappears. At that moment, you see something happening, something that terrifies every inch of your body.

Published: 10 Jul, 2021
6 Signs Your Old Mattress Needs to Retire

A good night’s sleep is essential to keep you happy, efficient and healthy. But, the secret sauce to great sleep is not just your strict sleep-wake schedule, your active lifestyle, the light stretching you do right before your slumber,

Published: 18 Jun, 2021
What if You Could Lose Weight in Your  Sleep? Science Says You Can!

We humans have always been conscious of our body weight. Probably because we still consider bodyweight as a sign of overall health: More weight = unhealthy and vice versa. And we do a lot of stuff ranging from constantly switching to different diets, yoga, gym, and even expensive

Published: 11 Jun, 2021
Yoga for Better Sleep: All You Need to Know

Yoga is by far one of the best and most effective tools to stay healthy; targeting physical, emotional and spiritual health needs. And that probably is the reason why more and more people across the globe are either switching to Yoga for health or incorporating the ancient Indian art form into th

Published: 17 May, 2021
Here’s Why You Need an UrbanBed Mattress Topper

Over the last couple of years, mattress toppers have gained a higher market presence. A larger share of sleep enthusiasts know about it and it's benefits. More and more people are buying it for all the amazing benefits the product offers. Howev

Published: 10 May, 2021
5 Reasons to Prioritize Better Sleep in 2021

2020 was an unprecedented year. A lot of things which happened, couldn't be planned: localised disasters, the global virus outbreak & lockdown, the downfall of economies, and the loss of countless lives. But we somehow managed to survive one of the toughest years the present generation has ev

Published: 21 Apr, 2021
#SummerSnooze: Making Your Bedroom Summer Ready

Summer is right around the corner. And as the mercury level goes up, falling asleep is going to get tougher. So before that happens, we have a few tips which can help you maximize your sleeping environment. Read on to find out and ensure a good quality sleep this summer.

Published: 14 Apr, 2021
SummerSnooze - Tips to Help You Sleep Easy this Summer

Summers are the time of fun-filled &amp; tiring vacations, backyard parties and lots of time out in the sun.Besides that, summer is like the Monday of seasons i.e. most companies have appraisals scheduled in summers, workdays are much busier, and the stress levels are off the

Published: 02 Apr, 2021
How Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress Can Change the Way You Sleep

Body posture is the key to a good night&rsquo;s sleep. And as sleep experts, we firmly believe that a mattress does not only need to be comfortable but it must also adapt to the needs of the person while sleeping. Thus, we have come up with a revolutionary product - the Ninjaback Orthopaedic&

Published: 02 Apr, 2021
DimaagShah's 10 Tips to Avoid Dimaag Ka Dahi Everyday

Your state of mind is everything. This means, if you are in the right state of mind i.e. happy, peaceful, calm and full with positive thoughts, you will be able to get through with the daily struggles of life and avoid #DimaagKaDahi every day. And keeping this in mind, our in-house expert - Janaa

Published: 16 Mar, 2021
Dimaag Shah

Being sleep experts ourselves, we figured only offering products that ensure a peaceful night’s sleep won’t be enough. We need to think more, innovate and deliver more value to help you sleep better. Thus, after months of consideration, we have finally hired our very own sleep expert.

Published: 16 Mar, 2021
Ninjaback -  The Sleep Essential you Really Need

Waking up with an achy back every morning or suffering from excruciating pain in the spine or joints, etc. can be a result of unnatural spine alignment during sleep. Good thing we can help. We have launched a new mattress - UrbanBed Ninjaback Orthopaedic Mattress - that helps you maintain a good&

Published: 04 Feb, 2021
Zen Memory Foam Vs Core Dual Support

Being in the mattress business, we understand how difficult it can be to find the ‘perfect’ mattress. And having a bunch of options with all mattresses boasting a different set of features only makes the choice more difficult.

Published: 22 Jan, 2021
Buying a Mattress - Offline vs Online

Buying a mattress online v/s offline - what is the difference? We are sure you’ve come across this question many times - and we understand the question still stands as a conundrum.

Published: 30 Sep, 2020
10 Tips to Make Your Mattress Last Longer

The average lifespan of a regular mattress is 8-10 years. The lifespan of UrbanBed mattresses is 15 years. But what about when the period (10 years or 15 years) is over?

Published: 18 Sep, 2020
Finding the Perfect Mattress – 4 Step Guide

According to the CDC, the lack of sleep is likely to increase the risk of heart disease, depression, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Published: 14 Sep, 2020
Losing Sleep to COVID? Here's a Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in more ways than one - and, our sleeping patterns are one of the first victims.

Published: 24 Aug, 2020
Cleaning Your UrbanBed Mattress in 8 Steps

A study by the National Sleep Foundation suggests having a clean mattress and healthy sleeping environment helps foster better sleep.

Published: 24 Aug, 2020
Mattress Firmness Guide

How does the firmness of the mattress affect your sleep? As proven by studies, sleeping comfortably for 7-8 hours a day is crucial to stay healthy.

Published: 24 Aug, 2020
 Sleep and Immunity: Know the Connection

Sleep is important as it plays a crucial role in helping strengthen the immune system.